The archaeological Region of Akrotiri

It is one from the more important prehistorically settlements in the Aegean. The first civilisation at the territory is placed historical in the Later Neolithic season (roughly 4.000 B.C.). At the duration of Precocious Season of Brass (3rd millennium B.C.), it was considered as a big  settlement and at the Medium and Later Season of Brass (20th-17th century B.C.) it was extended and progressively developed in one of the mainer urban centres and harbours of Aegean.

The broadness of built-up extent (roughly 20 hectares), the developed of the sub-sewer system, the refined buildings with the fantastic murals, the furniture and the vessels, testify the big degree of growth and euphoria of region. The various objects of imports that have been found in the buildings constitute clues of breadth of network of exterior relations.

The Cape maintained contacts with Crete, but also with continental Greece, the Dodecanese, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt. Below present itself the more important departments that you can visit in the archaeological Region of Akrotiri.

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